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Sub Theme

Sub-Theme 1: Policy and Strategy for Modernization of Irrigation Systems

  • Development planning for modernization including the overall vision, development lay-out, roadmap of implementation, safeguard measures, etc.
  • Supporting policies for modernization adopted by all levels of government on matters such as investment, construction material, facilities and equipment, operation and maintenance, management system and mechanisms
  • Laws and regulations supporting and safeguarding modernization and preparing conducive social and economic environment for ensuring longevity of the measures
  • WEFE (Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems) nexus approaches for managing trade-offs and enhancing synergies

Sub-Theme 2: Technology for Modernization of Irrigation Systems

  • Engineering technologies for modernization: water consumption monitoring technologies, coordinated multi-water-source allocation technologies, handling of ageing infrastructure for water resources storage and conveyance, responsive canal network/pipeline water delivery and distribution technologies, scheduling and control technologies of water use, on-farm irrigation technologies, etc.
  • Management technologies for modernization: Smart-water management technologies including information sensing and transmission technologies, data governance and integration, establishment of a knowledge base, decision support system, drone applications in improving precision irrigation management and scheduling, etc.
  • Technical standards system for modernization: the dimensions modernization, the expected results of modernization, comparative studies of technical standards of different countries, etc.
  • Innovative approaches for irrigation performance appraisal including landscape-based approaches

Sub-Theme 3: Financing for Modernization of Irrigation Systems

  • Investment by all levels of government
  • Investment by the private sector and the banking sector
  • Investment by the beneficiaries, such as farmers, WUAs, etc.
  • Investments and revenue models for sustained asset management of irrigation systems for its operation and maintenance
  • Investments for Asset Management of Irrigation Systems for improved services delivery

Sub-Theme 4: Performance Assessment of Irrigation Systems

  • Assessment of physical infrastructures such as storage and diversion work, canal networks, pumping stations, water gates, etc.
  • Assessment of management and water service delivery
  • Assessment of socio-economic, eco-environment and natural resources benefits for improved productivity